About Us

E2BIZ provides strategic and technical advice as well as export assistence in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, “low carbon” technologies and carbon offset proyects.

We are located in Chile (Santiago). Composed of senior experts, E2Biz has solid knowledge of western and emerging markets, as well as of public and private stakeholders, opportunities and practices in these markets. E2Biz assists its clients in exporting their products and services, and accompanies them from the early stages of project identification and commercial opportunities, to financing and conclusion of deals.

The Team

Sebastián Cepeda Haro

Socio y Gerente

Jacques Clerc Parada

Gerente Técnico y Socio

(Español) Paulina Calfucoy

(Español) Consultor Asociado

(Español) Ana María Pereira

(Español) Consultor

(Español) Constanza Yunis Ebner

(Español) Consultor

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